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At TurboBroker, we have developed a comprehensive suite of Customs Brokerage and Shipping Software specifically tailored to meet the needs of Customs Brokers, Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Operators, NVOCCs, Couriers, Shipping Agents and related businesses.


    ◾ TurboBroker Customs Software
    ◾ TurboBroker Shipping Software
    ◾ TurboBroker VAT Software


    The TurboBroker Suite of products will help you to consolidate and organize all your Brokerage, Shipping and Value Added Tax information into one Central Database. This will allow you to take advantage of the powerful reporting and analysis features built into the software; resulting in significant efficiency improvements.


    ◾ Customs Brokerage
    ◾ Shipping / Logistics
    ◾ Retail / Distribution
    ◾ Value Added Tax / Accounting
    ◾ Manufacturing
    ◾ Construction
    ◾ Mining
    ◾ Banking


    ◾ ASYCUDA++ / ASYCUDA World
    ◾ CAPS
    ◾ TRIPS
    ◾ CUSCAR
    ◾ QuickBooks
    ◾ Microsoft EXCEL / CSV / XML


      As part of our Software Consulting Services, we can develop customized integration to internal business systems or to other third-party applications. With our wide array of integration options, integration projects can take less time while being cost effective.

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Products & Services

TurboBroker Customs Software


If you are planning on moving from a manual or semi-automated customs processing system, TurboBroker Customs Software is the perfect Customs Management solution to help you organize and manage all of your Customs information in one…

Price Starts At $295

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TurboBroker Shipping Software


TurboBroker Shipping Software provides a level of simplicity and ease of use in the preparation of Manifest and Bill of Lading that is not seen in other applications. The user-friendly interfaces are intuitive and provides a…

Price Starts At $245

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TurboBroker VAT Software


TurboBroker VAT Software is designed to enable businesses to transition from a manual and time intensive Value Added Tax (VAT) preparation system to one that is efficient, effective and fully computerised. TurboBroker VAT is the ideal…

Price Starts At $195

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Software Consulting Services


Your objective is to get your project completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our objective is the same. Whether your project is large or small, TurboBroker can provide the right level of expertise to…

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Company News

  • - TurboBroker 5 Software Promotion -

    You can take advantage of our Software Promotion which runs until the end of March. ** New Software Purchase – Up to 25% Discount ** Upgrade Existing Software – Up to 75% Discount – For more information contact…

    - Feb.26.16

  • - TurboBroker 5 Software Update -

    New Release coming March 1st 2016 – TurboBroker Customs 5.0 !!! TurboBroker recently held its TurboBroker Customs 5 webinar on February 16th 2016 which showcased our new software. We would like to thank all those who…

    - Feb.26.16

  • - What’s New in TurboBroker Customs 5 -

    There are several major enhancements with the TurboBroker Customs 5 software as outlined below:   Brokerage Module *Re-design of the User Interfaces *Significant improvements in areas of Customs Declarations, Warehouse(In-Bond) Management and Product Costing *More flexibility…

    - Jul.21.15

  • - Message from CEO -

      I am very excited and pleased to announce the release of TurboBroker Customs Version 5, our latest version of the TurboBroker Customs Brokerage software. This new release is the result of many months of research and…

    - Jul.16.15

  • - TurboBroker Version 5.0 Beta Trial -

    TurboBroker Version 5.0 software will be beta trialed with selected customers during the month of July. General availability is set for August 2015.

    - Jul.09.15

  • - New Reseller in Jamaica – SUN COMPUTERS & INFORMATION SERVICES -

    Congratulations and Welcome to SUN COMPUTERS & INFORMATION SERVICES  in Jamaica for joining our growing team of Resellers.

    - Jun.09.15

  • - New Reseller in Suriname – ELSEE CONSULTING N.V -

    Congratulations and Welcome to ELSEE CONSULTING N.V. in Suriname for joining our growing team of Resellers.

    - Jun.06.15

  • - New Reseller in Suriname – SmartPos Solutions Suriname -

    Congratulations and Welcome to SmartPos Solutions Suriname — www.smartpos.sr  for joining the TurboBroker team.

    - May.26.15

  • - TurboBroker Customs Software Version 5 Release Date -

    We are pleased to announce that the release date for TurboBroker Customs Software Version 5 is July 1st, 2015.

    - May.26.15

  • - We are now in Suriname!!! -

    TurboBroker now has a presence in Suriname. The country is about to transition to ASYCUDA World by the end of the year . TurboBroker looks forward to meeting the needs of existing and future customers.

    - Nov.21.14